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Tabloid page (roughly A3 in size) measures 39 centimeters deep by 7 columns

Full colour
The column centimetre rate is R 110.00
Column size = 3.6cm
Please supply print ready PDFs

The formula is :

A cost can be calculated for a size given the column centimeter rate as follows:
[depth of advertisement size in cm] x [number of columns, shortened to cols] x column centimeter rate =

Example: A4 advertisement size is 30cm x 5 cols with a rate of R110 psccm.
[30] x [5] x [110] = answer R 16500

Below are example of advert sizes 

Tip! South African convention is to always quote depth before width, eg., 30cm by 5 columns. This becomes important when providing areas eg., 297 x 210 cm (a standard A4 page trim size). Quoting the reverse - width by depth (eg., 210 x 297 cm) - runs the risk of getting advertisement proportions wrong, thus incurring sometimes devastating production mistakes. However many smaller media owners are unaware of this convention and may quote width before depth (and sometime a mixture of the two in the same rate card). Many overseas media industries quote width before depth (eg., USA). Therefore if in doubt check and confirm

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